About Mirko Neri, graphic designer

I’m Mirko Neri free lance graphic designer living in Cesena. This is my portfolio. I project and developMi occupo di progettazione Corporate Identity, Brand and logo Design, catalogs, editorial design, advertising campaigns, website graphic layout and video editing.

Is more than 13 years I collaborat as graphic designer and creative for United NAtions. I developed various social campaign and below the line materials. I work for WHO, Stop TB Partnership, UN Pakistan, ITC, UNIDO. I developed Visual Identities, internal documents , advertising campaigns and both phisical and digital events.
I have a long experience in above and below the line projects with Technogym, thanks to my collaboration as Art Director at Studio Faberi Associati in Cesena.

I’m a professionist in graphic design and I can work on small or large poject, within the territory of Cesena or worldwide.
I don’t have problems in working in team, even if remotely.
I’m specialized in 2D graphics and I can follow a project from the brief to the finalization, both print or digital.

I have worked as graphic designer at Studio Pleiadi in Cesena and at YiXing, Chinese brench of Studio Pleiadi International in Shanghai. Here I followed many international projects. Thanks to this experience I have the contacts that allow me to providet Ialian-Chinese and English-Chinese translations.

I graduated at ISIA di Urbino in 2005.

Here some projects from my porfolio: COVID-19 and the great lockdown , Stildolce Café , We the People We teh Arts , Tuberculosis & HIV campaign

I have many other unpublished project that I will be glad to show to everyone interested.


Something about my projects

All the United Nations projects (World Health Organization, United Nations Pakistan, Stop TB Partnership) are property of the  organizations and not of Mirko Neri. He developed the projects in collaboration with the Agencies communication directors without further art direction, as external collaborator. Any kind of reproduction or partial or complete disclosure of this document is prohibited and involves violation of United Nations copyright.
All the project shown in portfolio section, developed by Mirko Neri for Studio Pleiadi and Faberi Associati come from team work, sometimes realized with the help other professionists, with various art directors, copyrighters and creative directors supervision. All the images and projects shown are property of their respective owners, who own the intellectual property and all rights, therefore they are not owned by Mirko Neri. The photos used for unpublished projects are sometimes coming from image banks in low resolution and have to be considered as pure illustrative and non-commercial use. Any kind of reproduction or partial or complete disclosure of this document is prohibited and involves violation of Studio Pleiadi, Faberi Associati o or other subjects copyright.
Mirko Neri declines responsibility in case of reproduction or disclosure of images or parts of them present on this site or on pdf digitally received on request, without having first received the written consent from the respective owners of the projects and from Mirko Neri.