Mirko Neri – Graphic Design

COVID-19, The great lockdown and it’s impact on small business

Video graphics for COVID-19, The great lockdown and it’s impact on small business - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Visual Identity e videographics for Web TV programme organized by International Trade Center (ITC). The programme talks about the economic crisis due to COVID-19 and its impact on small and medium enterprises.

50 years of Swiss international cooperation in Pakistan

Inspiring Moments - Switzerland in Pakistan over decades - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Visual Identity and catalog for the celebration of the 50 years of Swiss international cooperation in Pakistan during the Swiss National Day.

We the People, We the Arts,
art show catalog

We the People, We the Arts, mostra artistica Nazioni Unite Pakistan - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Photographic catalog containing all the pieces of art created by young Pakistani artists participating to the annual competition We the People We the Arts. The event has been organized by United Nations and Swiss Embassy to valorize young artists in Pakistan.

About me

In brief

I’m Mirko Neri, professional graphic designer and free lance in Cesena. I graduated at ISIA di Urbino in 2005. This is my graphic design portfolio. My work includes the development of Corporate Identity, Brand e Logo Design, catalogs, editorial design, advertising, web graphics and video editing.

My Profession

As a professional graphic designer I can follow any kind of projects, from small to big, from local to worldwide. I am comfortable with teamworking, even remotely following any kind of project development.

I’m specialized in 2D graphics and I can follow a project from its brief to the finalization, both print or digital.

My experiences

My collaboration with United Nations

Is more than 13 years I work to various project for many Agencies of United Nations. I developed for them social campaigns and below the line materials. I work for WHO, Stop TB Partnership, UN Pakistan, ITC, UNIDO. I developed many Visual Identities, internal pubblications, catalogs, advertising campaigns, phisical and digital events.

The Technogym experience

Is many years I develop graphic design, advertising campaign, catalogs and below the line for Technogym, thanks to my job as Art Director at Studio Faberi Associati in Cesena.

And the Chinese adventure

I worked as graphic designer at Studio Pleiadi in Cesena and at YiXing, Studio Pleiadi International brench in China, Shanghai. Here I’ve worked for international clients. Thanks to this experience I now have contacts to manage  professional translations from Italian to Chinese, from English to Chinese and viceversa.

My projects

A simple selection

The graphic design projects shown on this website are just some of the project of my complete portfolio. I have other local project related to Cesena and its Province, many others developed for Technogym during the last six years and other projects developed during my Chinese experience in Shanghai.

I’ll be glad to show these projects to anybody interested that desires to see more and that will make a specific request.

How to manage these images

All the project shown in this website are protected by copyright. Any kind of reproduction or partial or complete disclosure of these documents is prohibited and involves violation their owners copyright.

Sogliano Ambiente brochure for waste management and valorization

Brochure Sogliano Ambiente

Design of the iconography of the specialized service catalogs of Sogliano Ambiente.

Styldolce Café Brand identity and POS for Shanghai café

Brand identity Styldolce Café Shanghai - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Visual, Brand Identity, and POS materials for Styldolce Café. This has been an Italian Brand Brand that tried to open a coffee chain with typical Italian products within a market in China already owned by Starbucks.

Pakistani People and United Nations photo exhibition

Catalogo mostra Pakistani people and United Nations - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Development of the graphics for all the event and catalog of the photo exhibition Pakistani People and United Nations.

Talk show Tuberculosis & HIV: Protecting the vulnerable

Talk show Tuberculosis and HIV: Protecting the

Design of all the event communication from digital to event backdrops of the talk show on Sesame Street dedicated to Tuberculosis and people with HIV.

Advertising campaign for Alcantara featuring Maserati and Lamborghini

Campagna lancio Alcantara a Shanghai feauring Lamborghini - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Advertising page creativity for the launch of Alcantara within the Chinese market.
POS materials for Alcantara road shows featuring Maserati and Lamborghini.

Editorial design for the official magazine of United Nations Pakistan

Magazine United Nations Pakistan - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Visual Identity of the editorial line and graphic content creation for the official United Nations Pakistan magazine.

Sogliano Ambiente logo restyle

Logo Sogliano Ambiente - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Restyle of Sogliano Ambiente logo for the launch of new services.

United Nations Pakistan Visual Identity

Visual identity per Nazioni Unite Pakistan - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

A new Visual Identity for the United Nations Pakistan offices.

MB Mangimi Brand Identity

Brand identity MB Mangimi - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Brand design and development of new Visual Identity for MB Mangimi, Italian company in Cesena Province specialized in production and distribution of livestock feed.

Images to Stop Tuberculosis catalog

Catalogo per mostra fotografica Images to stop tuberculosis - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Graphic design for the catalogue of the photo exhibition Images to Stop Tuberculosis.

Digital Health Festival

Psichedigitale lancio libro ed evento Festival della Salute Digitale - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Creation of advertising campaign for Festival della Salute Digitale in Cesena (Digital Health Festival). Creation of cover for the official pubblication of the organizing Association Psichedigitale.

WHO Clinical Guidance

Guida per la gestione di pazienti esposti ad armi chimiche - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Guide manual for the medical staff regarding the clinical management of patients exposed to chemical weapons.

CLC Dairy Company, Chinese market website

Layout design for CLC website, an Italian diary company working on Chinese market for the distribution of frozen diary products.

Sispark Property Management logo

Logo Sispark Property Management China - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Brand design for Sispark Property Management, company managing Sispark residential hub in Suzhou, China.

Azeta Bio product line

Visual identity, labelling e packaging per linea prodotti per l'igiene delle neo mamme Azeta Bio - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Label and Visual Identty design for Azeta Bio, line of organic product designed for beauty and hygene of mother and child.

Italian Food Festival Shanghai

Italian Food Festival Shanghai Camera di Commercio Italiana in Cina - Graphic Design Mirko Neri

Development of graphics for Italian Food Festival in Shanghai, organized by Italian Chamber of Commerce in China.