CLC Dairy Company
Chinese market website

This is a Studio Pleiadi project for which I created a web graphic adaptation from Italian to Chinese market. The Chinese section of CLC China website  has been added to the main Italian website Compagnia Latiero Casearia, to promote the expansio of dairy product distribution within Chinese market.

Main goal of the project was to keep the high quality product and service perception, but with a communication look & feel more aligned to the dairy market in China. These products in China are more similar to dietary supplement rather than a staple food.

For this reason I worked on image spectacularization and strengthening of colors. I also used some stereotypes of Made in Italy high quality food and added a graphical element of gold. Gold in China is deeply felt as an high quality seal for top brand producst.


CLC Compagnia Lattiero Casearia China Graphic Design Mirko Neri