Sogliano Ambiente Logotype

Sogliano Ambiente logotype

Sogliano Ambiente Company had Studio Pleiadi as its main communication agency for several years. In this collaboration I participated in the redesign phase of the Company logo. The Company deals with waste management, landfills and biogas generation, so the colors of the earth were fundamental to communicate a green concept of this business management. The old logo featured a pictogram of the winding roads that garbage trucks make to get to their landfills, embraced by a green curve, a symbol of nature and a gray, symbol of waste management. My job was to create a cleaner icon, and at the same time communicate better the concept of a green company. The curves of the new forms of embrace in fact create two symbolic overlapping leaves.
Art direction Studio Pleiadi.

Logo storico Sogliano Ambiente prima del restyling
Sogliano Ambiente logo before the restyle